User Management

User Management feature in 3PM allows for multiple users to access the system simultaneously. Each user is given a defined set of authorities. Examples of these authorities including data entry, performing data approval and deleting users.

These authorities are assigned to users through user roles. A user role is a set of defined authorities. We have four user roles on 3PM as follows:

  1. Read Only - for viewing but not making any changes, addition or deletion of data.
  2. Data entry - for monthly reporting through the datasets.
  3. Data Approval - for approving data entered per Implementing Mechanism.
  4. User Management - for creation, deletion and modification of users.

The user management functionality is accessible through Users app;


Figure : Users app

Add user

The pictorial below shows the process of adding a new user and assigning a user role.


Figure : Select User module


Figure : Add New user

Fill in the user details as required. Proceed then to assign a user role.


Figure : Assign user role

Select the organisation units of interest. When you select a county, all org units under the county are made available as well.


Figure : Select org units


Figure : Click Save to add user

Add user group

Users are grouped into a user group for ease of sharing items such as the dashboard in 3PM. The pictorial below will quickly guide you through creating a user group and adding users to it.


Figure : User Group module


Figure : Add new user group


Figure : Add user to user group


Figure : Save user group

Whenever you want to use the usergroup, just search for the user group using its name.