Getting Started

System Access

The live system is available at


Please use this server for making test runs before you avail them on the live system. This is available on

Logging in

You are required to provide your username and password in order to access the system. The figure below is a screenshot of the start page/login page:


Figure 1: Login page

Landing page

Once logged in, the user can see their dashboard because this is the default landing page. The dashboard is customisable to fit your own preferences. You can add a dashboard and dashboard items of your choice.


Figure 2: Landing page


More about dashboard is discussed under the Dashboard section.

3PM Applications

3PM is built on DHIS2 platform such that all the modules are organized as apps. Every app can be accessed by searching on the apps menu in the top right corner on the dashboard. The apps you can access are limited to the rights you have.


Figure 3: 3PM Apps

Logging Out

Your profile menu is found on the far right of the top side. This is represented by your name initials. To log out, hover your mouse pointer on the menu and click on the logout button displayed.


Figure 3: Logout