Reports and Analytics

The Report generating module in 3PM allows users to generate standard reports and visualize them. Reports can be generated using the Pivot Table which generates tabular reports, and the Data Visualizer which generates reports in form of charts eg. bar graphs and line graphs. A user can access either the Data Visualizer or the Pivot Table from the Apps Menu as shown below.


Figure 1: Select Pivot Table


Figure 2: Select Data Visualizer

This will navigate the user to Pivot Table and Data Visualizer respectively, from where they can generate a report following the pictorial procedure shown below.

Report Generation


Figure 3: Select Data Dimension


Figure : Select Period


Figure : Select Implementing Mechanism


Figure : Select Organisation Unit


Figure : Select Age Brackets

Whenever you modify the dimensions, you are required to click Update button to have the changes reflected.


Figure : Click Update


Figure : Change Layout

You can create a new pivot table, open an existing one, rename or delete an opened one on the Favorites menu.


Figure : Save as Favorite


Once you are done generating a pivot table, you can navigate to the dashboard where you can add the saved favorite as a dashboard item.


Figure : Go to Dashboard

You can only modify dashboard items for the dashboard you own or have edit rights. Therefore, to create a dashboard, follow the directions in the image below.


Figure : Create a Dashboard

Once you create a dashboard, you can then add items such as favorites, users, resources, reports to the dashboard as shown below.


Figure : Add Favorite to Dashboard